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Household & Office Removal Services

Not only taking care of big businesses, can help with all aspects and every step of your moves.

Household Removal Service

"How do I move my house without stress?"
We know household moving can be stressful and overwhelming. To make your household move a worry-free experience, we have developed a cost-effective and reliable method of packing, wrapping and transporting household items domestically and internationally. Our well-trained move specialists take care of everything from your personal effects, furniture pieces to pets and vehicles. We also offer storerooms for rent to expand your household storing space or keep your valuable items during your house renovation.

Office Removal Service

“Office moving has often been a complicated and tiring matter! ”
But from now on, we are making an office move an easy task. You have to do nothing at all. We will do it all for you with our well-trained move specialists, well-organized move planning, state-of-the-art delivery vehicles and advanced handling tools. We manage everything to make your transition to a new office location a smooth move, ensuring low stress and minimal downtime.

Factory Removal Service

“We can move the whole factory to keep your business running!”
You might have considered factory moving a laborious and tough task due to difficulties moving large and heavy equipment and machinery, and lack of reinstallation specialists. To make it possible, we have a dedicated team of professional movers, who have been completely trained to be competent in all moving safety standards, to assist in your transition to a new factory location. Our expertise can be applied to different areas of factory relocations, from moving and reinstalling heavy industrial machinery and medical equipment to integrating machinery and power systems in factories. Our efficient solution ensures the smoothest move and installation.

Fine Arts and Exhibition Items Removal Service

“We treat every piece like precious treasure”
We know all works of art are deeply meaningful to you. Wherever your presentation takes place, these valuable items need precise processes and perfect organization, and must be handled with specialized packing and crating, well-managed importing and exporting, as well as reliable and protective transport to destinations and professional installation at sites. To help you to open your art exhibition with grandeur, we have extensive experience working closely with local and international networks of event organizers and artists to make sure your invaluable pieces of art get the care they deserve.

Self Storage Service

“Where can I find more storage space to store my possessions?”
A problem facing urban residents is that they have limited utility space in their houses or condos to store their possessions, which are growing in number and size. What should you do when you have this problem? If you are looking for an extra space to store your possessions, we can help with this. We offer a choice of clean, convenient and safe storerooms for rent. This service is available 24/7 and fully equipped with the highest security measures such as electronic access card system, CCTV and fire extinguisher in every unit. With highly protective design and the use of fireproofing materials, our storerooms are ideal for storing your invaluable belongings, important documents and even office equipment.

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