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“We never stop thinking about everything logistics – for the benefit of all beings.”

The origin of leadership is not to stop thinking for others and think everything logistics. Today, as a result of this, we are one of logistics and supply chain management companies with the most complete range of service offers.

Think for others and do support them … everything logistics.
Our service offers include everything from consultations, collaborative design and development of supply chain management solutions that exactly meet business-specific requirements, warehouse management, customs clearance procedures, domestic and cross-border distribution of goods, and other value added services that fit your needs.

The unity at JWD you have never known

“We believe everything is possible…The pioneer in free zone warehousing service”
Real commitment is the main source of our dedication. Today, we are the pioneer in free zone warehousing service that allows users to gain benefits of tax exemption in various forms. Moreover, we are the first logistics service provider being granted the right by the Customs Department to set up a free-zone warehouse within the Laem Chabang Port. As a result of this, JWD has been equipped with industry expertise that enables us to provide useful advice on the benefits of tax exemption in various models that meet the specific needs of each business.

The right software for the right logistics application

Whatever your logistics needs, we are able to design and customize a software solution to truly and boundlessly address specific requirements of each business. All items of goods are recorded online using Warehouse Management System Plus (WMS Plus) which include real-time tracking capability to view the status of goods across the supply chain. Unlike typical WMS, this innovative system cover everything essential and encompasses other related capabilities like human resources management and accounting data storage, which allow for reduced costs of inventory management and better human resources management.