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Software Development for Cold Chain

Innovative software tailored to business-specific needs and seamless cross functional collaboration

It is the first business innovation for cold chain management that incorporates free-zone warehousing and cold storage into a single platform. We have successfully designed and developed a software solution that meets business-specific requirements and for the utmost benefit of your logistics operations. This seamlessly integrates every work function concerning cold storage and free zone warehousing into a single system, and improves the efficiency of complex cold chain management that needs fast execution, high precision and appropriate temperature control upon every reception, storage, release, transportation and distribution of goods. It also enables error-free operations with meticulous monitoring to avoid an adverse effect on product quality – all under uncompromising standards and conditions specified by FDA, GMP, the Department of Livestock Development and the Department of Fisheries.

  • Centralize data into a single platform, offering ease of use for business innovation management
  • Require no additional investment in management under the same system
  • Enable 24/7 online monitoring and calculation of logistics fee
  • Enable ‘Track & Trace’ of goods lot by lot under a single database for further traceability
  • Reduce time and labour costs caused by different conditions of goods
  • Enable online tracking of the status of goods 24/7
  • Customizable and upgradeable – to make it possible for the software solution to support future business requirements running on the existing platform