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Transportation and Distribution Management

Total temperature control along the way
You are assured of the highest possible performance of our refrigerated trucks that meet product-specific requirements

Along the way, we operate under the toughest regulations and safety standards of the food industry in order to keep freshness longer from end to end. Our door-to-door service covers all routes nationwide and cross-border transportation.

Every transportation task means the highest customer satisfaction
  • Services available 24/7
  • Total protection along the way of delivery with comprehensive insurance package
  • GPS tracking system for the real-time monitoring of speed, location and temperature control
Adhering to the highest safety measures
  • Our drivers are well-prepared for their driving tasks. All of them are tested for physical fitness and capabilities before driving. These include, for instance, blood alcohol test and drug test.
  • Our drivers are fully equipped with practical skills in dealing with unexpected situations. They are trained to drive safely and manage effectively in emergency cases concerning the refrigerator.
  • Our state-of-the-art delivery vehicles meet all applicable standards. All of them are fitted with necessary safety equipment and temperature control reporting system as specified by customers or required by law.
Because your business is constantly expanding, we operate a fleet of delivery trucks with the full capability to meet every customer’s business-specific requirements. All of them are checked and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Trailer for 20-feet and 40-feet refrigerated containers
  • Refrigerated 10-wheel delivery trucks
  • Refrigerated 6-wheel delivery trucks
  • Refrigerated 4-wheel delivery trucks