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Software Development for Dangerous Goods

World-class software and technology drive precision and safety

We go beyond managing hazardous goods warehouses up to the highest safety standards. We are thoughtful and attentive managing dangerous goods, both inbound and outbound goods that amount to 120,000 containers per year, with the use of high-precision work process and the highest safety standards as required by the policy of the Port Authority of Thailand. For this reason, we have integrated innovative software and cutting edge equipment with our work process and team of specialists. With this, we are ranked the world’s No. 2 in terms of logistics technology and able to do everything logistics for you.

You might not know that logistics has never been easier.

Unique advantages:
  • Stay ahead of the crowd with Differentiate Global Positioning System (D-GPS) that is able to precisely map the position of containers, with variation not more than 30 cm without the need to install additional equipment on the containers.
  • Benefit from real-time data integration with National Single Window (NSW) which enables data transmission and identification of container status domestically, and will be integrated with worldwide database in the near future.
  • Benefit from real-time tracking of container status online and around the clock
  • Improve lift-on and lift-off speed
  • Reduce labour cost of inventory management in the long run
  • Shorten time and reduce errors associated with data management with GPRS assisted container status tracking system
  • Significantly improve the efficiency of transportation management with reduced truck turnaround time
  • Enable fast and precise calculations of service fee with service pricing system from NSW
  • Enable fast, precise and traceable calculations of key performance indicator (KPI)
Using satellite-based D-GPS to identify fixed positions of containers
Ready-to-use database for emergency cases

The cutting-edge DG-Net data network provides detailed information of dangerous goods of all types, importers-exporters, as well as storage and transportation of dangerous goods from the Laem Chabang Port to JWD’s container yards and warehouses, and the receipt of hazardous goods from exporters. This also enables maximum protection and timely retrieval of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to deal with emergency incidents under the supervision of the Laem Chabang Port.