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Dangerous Goods Port Safety

Safety is at the heart of our business, and it always coexists with proactive measures against emergency incidents. In every minute we work always sees the high level of preparedness of our staff and cutting edge equipment and tools.

As a result of this, Dangerous Goods Port Safety (DGPS) has been established. It is a unit of JWD InfoLotistics Public Company Limited who currently manage hazardous goods warehouses under the supervision of Laem Chabang Port.

Core Missions
  • Re-examine the safety of dangerous goods from the time they are being loaded on ships, during transportation and in storage.
  • Gather safety data sheets (SDS) and register specialists
  • Always prepare for rescue tasks during an incident as well as leakage control within the Laem Chabang Port and Chonburi to enable effective and timely incident management
Emergency drills on a regular basis

At JWD, emergency drills as well as brief explanation/training on equipment usage are conducted on a regular basis. This includes internal emergency drills, emergency drills conducted in co-operation with habours and the Laem Chabang Port, and emergency exercises at the provincial and national level to deal with incidents caused by hazardous goods. We work as a team with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, firefighting and rescue units, hospitals, and many related others to empower the incident management network and ensure fast and efficient execution.

DGPS has teamed up with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation to expand the network so that it covers all routes of transportation of hazardous goods. To ensure the efficiency of this operation, we regularly provide trainings and emergency exercises, share with local administrations and the general public detailed knowledge about dangerous goods, incident management, emergency evacuation, and many more. This approach is very helpful in getting all stakeholders prepared for potential emergency cases. We will never stop making things better and reacting quickly to rising demand in the international logistics environment due to the upcoming ASEAN integration. And, of course, we will continue to do our best to ensure maximum safety of local communities and the country's environmental sustainability.