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Transportation and Distribution Management

Safety is what everyone looks for
“We adhere to standards in all operations, and practice with professionalism. We have drivers who are not only able to drive, but always drive professionally.”

All of them are specially trained for handling goods and primarily dealing with unexpected incidents in accordance with internationally recognized standards by using a comprehensive set of safety equipment and systems, with outstanding attentiveness across the entire process from the loading and unloading hazardous goods containers to/from freighter ships to transportation and distribution of hazardous goods, both domestically and cross-border.

Every transportation job means the ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Service available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Total protection along the way of delivery with comprehensive insurance package
  • GPS that tracks all vehicle positions and routes
Extra safety measures
  • All drivers are ready to drive professionally and safely. They have got the Type 4 driving license without a criminal record. Besides, all of them have been tested for good physical health showing they are well-prepared for completing an assignment. For example, alcohol blood test and drug test are conducted prior to driving.
  • All drivers are trained and fully equipped with safety skills. They are trained about first aid, basics of transporting hazardous goods and primary handling of incidents, strictly following what is explained in the Work Manual.
  • All trailers and trucks are up to applicable standards. They are also fully equipped with safety equipment and systems as required by customers or by law.
We have a variety of vehicles that meet different needs. They are completely checked to ensure the highest level of safety, and receive regular maintenance to keep running at peak performance.
  • Trailers for 20-feet and 40-feet containers ; flatbed and lowbed trailers
  • 10-wheel trucks
  • 6-wheel trucks
  • 4-wheel trucks