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IT Solutions for Supply Chain Management

A proactive leader in software development for logistics – for all

“We analyze, design, develop and integrate data innovations to facilitate effective management of goods, giving customers an access to and make best use of supply chain management.”

Dynamic IT Solutions Company Limited

Founded in 2002 as part of JWD Group of Companies, we strive to develop and create innovative software solutions for diverse areas of logistics. These are designed to help logistics service providers to enhance logistics planning, improve efficiency and reduce costs of business operations, transportation and warehouse management with the use of advanced IT systems.

Relying on “Dynamic HILI” to integrate data from different sources into a single platform to make logistics an easy experience

The system seamlessly integrates all logistics-related data, from multiple sources within the company, into a single platform. This includes transportation data and warehouse management information for instance – in an attempt to reduce costs and restrictions associated with the consolidation of data from different internal organizations, branches, companies and even those from international sources.

We think differently, and think everything logistics!
  • Provide a comprehensive range of services in all areas of logistics, from planning, design and installation, as well as after-sales services spanning software, hardware and network systems
  • No additional investment in new equipment, hardware and complicated maintenance because you are able to manage the entire transportation and warehouse management process from anywhere in the world on a single platform
  • Truly affordable with reasonable costs of IT development designed especially for transportation and warehouse management to achieve greater efficiency
  • Highly flexible because it is an innovative approach of which software functionality can be customized to suit specific needs of customers and is consistent with the actual work process of each organization.
  • Support for innovative Cloud Computing which facilitates continuous and boundless business expansion
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