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Record and Information Management

Is your company facing these problems?

The overall office space is often surrounded by huge piles of documents.
You find it is hard to expand the company’s document storage space.
Your company is short on staff having specialized knowledge and skills in managing document and data storage.
With huge piles of documents, you cannot retrieve important documents or files you want and finally find they have been lost.
We understand your situation and always offer the best possible solutions for you.

Datasafe Thailand Company Limited was founded in 1991 as one of the pioneer service provider in Thailand with fully integrated document and database storage management. We operate a large data storage warehouse coupled with the use of advanced storage technology for safe and better organized filing system. Our storage management offers are integrated with the highest customer satisfaction and include the followings:
  • Document Storage Service
  • Electronics Media Storage Service
  • Document Scanning Service
  • Packing & Filling Service
  • Retrieve & Delivery Service
    Customers are assured of on-time delivery of documents you are looking for, both regular and urgent requests.
  • Document Destruction Service
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