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Brand Idea

Think Everything Logistics

Not only strategic thinking, but comprehensive thinking as well

And, more than that, quick service delivery and full-scale efficiency of JWD gained through comprehensive and decisive thinking process as well as logical analysis and well-managed planning that take our services to a higher level. This approach enables us to further improve our logistics operations and identify new solutions that to enhance the business of our customers. At JWD, we BELIEVE and THINK everything logistics.


An arrow pointing forward inside of “D” suggests comprehensive thinking and more careful analysis in addition to forward-looking ability for further business expansion and identification of new solutions that count – all with service excellence.

Core Values
  • Beyond service quality

    Our service moves beyond customer satisfaction and includes attentiveness to truly meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations.

  • Team Spirit

    We believe in working as a team, where each person has to integrate and react quickly to one another and share a common goal.

  • First Mover

    We are always the first mover and never stop seeking a better way to create new services that really meet the needs of customers and help them solve their problems in doing business.

  • Be open to changes for better results

    Because the world of business is constantly evolving, we are open to changes so that everything around us can move forward without sticking with conventional ideas.

  • Stop at Nothing

    We do everything in our power, being prevented by no challenge and obstacle. We stop at nothing to get the job done.